This is a story of passion that started almost 30 years ago. In 1990, a young kid was raised up at the country side outside the Syrian Capital Damascus, where kids had to walk long way to school every morning, and cycling to school was an alternative for those who can manage to ride a bicycle for this distance.

For Mazen Shatah, that was not an alternative, it was the passion of cycling that took him to school every day, he cycled almost everywhere in his small town. Being self-motivated he pushed his limits and joined a local cycling club until he ended up among the best professional cyclists in the Syrian National Team.

In 2009 A Kuwaiti cycling club was camping in Syria for training and they met Mazen. Following his big dream, he signed the contract offered him to join the club as professionalizing cyclist and coach.

Unfortunately, the dream was not as big as he expected. Despite of the efforts of some great Kuwaiti cyclists, whom’ve been working hard to get this sport established in Kuwait. Cycling sport in kuwait was not as mature as other sports and did not even had a federation. But before his disappointment takes him back, Syria got on fire and the war started.

So he decided to spread his passion and share his experience along, not only with his team being a cyclist and coach, but with everyone… This was the moment Kuwaitcycling was born as a public free-to-join amateur cycling group.

Mazen realized that selecting the right co-founder to share the dream and support all the way long to success is one of the most important things needed in starting up this orgnization. Anas Homaidani was this guy, an entrepreneur with international business development experience and solid IT background. together they formed the perfect match of muscles and brain, technical and business.

Since then, kuwaitcycling is growing day after day, having the founders promise and commitment to keep it moving forward and provide exceptional experience that goes beyond your expectations.